Have A Little Faith

Year Released: 


Bill Frisell - guitar
Don Byron - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Guy Klucevsek - Accordion
Kermit Driscoll - Bass
Joey Baron - Drums

produced by Wayne Horvitz

recording & mixing engineer: Joe Ferla
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

Elektra Nonesuch 1992


Out of print, for the MP3 version go to nonesuch.com

Song List:

Billy the Kid

  1. The Open Prairie
  2. Street Scene In A Frontier Town
  3. Mexican Dance And Finale
  4. Prairie night (Card Game At Night), Gun Battle
  5. Celebration After Billy's Capture
  6. Billy In Prison
  7. The Open Prairie Again
  8. The "Saint-Gaudens" In Boston Common (Excerpt #1)
  9. Just Like A Woman
  10. I Can't Be Satisfied
  11. Live To Tell
  12. The "Saint-Gaudens" In Boston Common (Excerpt #2)
  13. No Moe
  14. Washington Post March
  15. When I Fall In Love
  16. Little Jenny Dow
  17. Have A Little Faith In Me
  18. Billy Boy


Compositions by Aaron Copland, Charles Ives, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Sonny Rollins, Madonna,
John Phillip Sousa, Heyman & Young and John Hiatt.

Arranged by Bill Frisell.

"Frisell treats each piece with typical earnestness and lyricism, breaking into wrenching distortion
and stormy group improv only after breathing the original full of a softly glowing life."
- The S.F. Bay Guardian