Year Released: 
Bill Frisell - guitar
Viktor Krauss - bass
Jerry Douglas - dobro (tracks 1-6,9-10,12)
Ron Block - banjo (tracks 2,6,8,11,13-14) acoustic guitar (tracks 3, 7)
Adam Steffey - mandolin (tracks 2-3, 6-8,11, 13-14)
Robin Holcomb - vocals (tracks 3,6,13)
Pat Bergeson - harmonica (tracks 2, 8)

produced by Wayne Horvitz

recording and mixing engineer: Roger Moutenot
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

Nonesuch Records




Song List:

  1. Gimme A Holler
  2. Go Jake
  3. One of These Days
  4. Mr.Memory
  5. Brother
  6. Will Jesus Wash the Bloodstains From Your Hands
  7. Keep Your Eyes Open
  8. Pipe Down
  9. Family
  10. We're Not From Around Here
  11. Dogwood Acres
  12. Shucks
  13. The End of the World
  14. Gone

"Frisell's nod to Nashville is Americana at its best."
- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Comprising acoustic instrumental folk tunes with unpredictable stylistic accents, Nashville boasts a dreamy, seductive grandeur. The backing mandolin/dobro/bass interplay simmers ...Frisell himself picks and strings and most of all floats, laying out liquid tones that settle over the melodies like heat haze on a swampy, swimmerless lake."
- LA Weekly