American Blood - Live Download


American Blood - Julian Summerhill and Bill FrisellThis concert was recorded on a modified stereo Walkman at OK Hotel in Seattle in June, 1993. It was the second night of a two night run before a mini-tour and the second time we’d ever played this material together live. You can hear us feeling our way through the wilderness of it, and to add to the drama, someone had made off with Bill’s prize delay pedal the night before and he quickly borrowed mine and was using it instantly in new ways I never dreamed possible (his solo on This is Only America is about as strange and mournful as I think art can get in the hands of a practicing master). We were all working without a net that night and having a lot of fun taking risks with the music as we tripped along the high-wire. Bill’s Klein guitar sounds as glorious as I’ve ever heard it, even under less-than-ideal recording conditions, and we ran through no less than two performances of Gone, Just Like a Train, which we had recently co-written together, along with the rest of this material. It feels to me now like it might have been only yesterday. . . . 

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