Bill Frisell's Live Download Series

Live shows available to the public!  Back in November of 2008, Songtone introduced the Bill Frisell Live Download Series.  This is a release of select live performance recordings direct from the soundboard. The shows are exclusively available on the Live Downloads page and will be made available in the lossless FLAC format along with MP3 and AAC files.  Each performance download includes image files for the CD label, cover art and tray insert which also print onto the Neato Label format.  Some performances may include extra images or video clips depending on the live performance itself.  Due to Frisell's diverse groups this is a unique way to access his music which might otherwise never see a CD release.  Click HERE for samples.  Enjoy!

"One of the biggest problems facing contemporary jazz musicians is that they often have far more projects on the go than could ever be recorded and released commercially by conventional record labels—even small and relatively responsive indie labels. Special projects abound, or personnel changes for a tour are forced when members of a regular group are unavailable, the plight of the 21st century working musician being how to remain viable and available. Of course, it's not necessarily a problem, because regardless of the reason, it means that today's leader ends up touring in more combinations than could ever be documented through normal channels—and some of these special, one-time/one-tour projects yield tremendous gold—even leading to further collaboration. If only there was a way the pathological fan could hear all of it."

"Fans of sonic guitar sculptor Bill Frisell can rejoice, as the Live Download Series is making available a growing catalog of high quality soundboard recordings of performances by groups that have been documented on commercial albums, like the guitarist's first quartet, with cellist Hank Roberts , bassist Kermit Driscoll and drummer Joey Baron; the sextet responsible for one of Frisell's compositional high water marks, This Land (Elektra/Nonesuch, 1994); and his early 21st century trio, with bassist Tony Scherr and drummer Kenny Wollesen. But as thrilling as it is to hear a 1989 performance by Frisell and his quartet, performing music from Rambler (ECM, 1984), Lookout for Hope (ECM, 1988) and Before We Were Born (Elektra/Nonesuch, 1989), it's even more exciting to find the hidden gems—previously unrecorded groups like Frisell's trio with organist Sam Yahel and drummer Brian Blade ; or very limited-run tours like a 2005 performance from London, England's The Barbican, where Frisell, violinist Jenny Scheinman and guitarist Greg Liesz delivered a stunning tribute to The Beatles' John Lennon. " - John Kelman, All About Jazz

019 Live In Santa Monica, CA 1/10/98
018 Live In Köln, Germany 3/27/95
017 Live In Portland, OR 2/25/12
016 Live In Florence, Italy 2/10/93
015 Live In Seattle, WA 8/6/11
014 Live In Chapel Hill, NC 3/22/09
013 Live In Tokyo, Japan 7/21/00
012 Live In Seattle, WA 7/16/02
011 Live In Budapest, Hungary 3/29/03
010 Live In Oakland, CA 7/15/89
009 Live In New York, NY 10/12/92
008 Live In New York, NY 9/26/96
007 Live In Seattle, WA 2/21/06

006 Live In Boulder, CO 11/05/03
Live In London, UK 11/15/05
004 Live In New York, NY 5/1/04
003 Live In San Francisco, CA 2/5/05
002 Live In San Francisco, CA 3/16/07
001 Live In Bochum, Germany 5/22/04

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