Jim Hall 12/4/1930 - 12/10/2013

Jim Hall with Bill Frisell
"Jim Hall made such extraordinary, beautiful music...like nothing we had heard before. Absolutely one of a kind. A master. We all know that. But....what I'm thinking about now is the humanity, humility, generosity....STRENGTH. In all his interactions...whether on the bandstand...or in everyday conversation...it always seemed as if his energy and attention was directed outward....away from himself. He listened. LISTENED....in such a big way....and cared. He was so aware of what was going on around him and could transform it...bring it (us) together....lift it up. It wasn't about him. It was about all of us. He never looked back, never settled, uncompromising, kept going and going, stayed excited, curious, like a little kid. Wow. Jim Hall! Amazing. 
Thank you Jim."
- Bill Frisell
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