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Please email or call 510-528-1191 for ordering information and pricing



All merchandise is also available via mail order with check or money order in North America by emailing with your order to find the total cost which will include shipping and handling charges.  All costs are shown in U.S. dollars and payment must be in the form of U.S. dollars. After retrieving the total cost via email, mail a check for the replied amount made out to Songline / Tone Field Productions and send to:

Songline / Tone Field Productions
1649 Hopkins St., Ste. A
Berkeley, CA 94707

Don't forget to mention...
- the title(s) of the disks you want
- quantity of the CDs you're ordering
- color and size t-shirts you would like to purchase
- your name and daytime phone number in case we have questions about your order
- your email address
- the address you would like the CD(s) mailed to. CDs are mailed via U.S. Postal Service first class or Priority if over 1lb.  Orders are not mailed out until the check is received.  All sales are final and there are no returns.
Direct all concerns regarding orders to

Thank you,