Music for the Films of Buster Keaton: The High Sign/One Week

Year Released: 


Bill Frisell - electric and acoustic guitars
Kermit Driscoll - electric and acoustic basses
Joey Baron - drums and percussion

produced by Lee Townsend

recording engineer: Oliver DiCicco
mixing engineer: Judy Clapp
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

Nonesuch Records

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Song List:

The High Sign

  1. Introduction
  2. The High Sign Theme - Help Wanted
  3. Target Practice
  4. The Blinking Buzzards
  5. Good Shot - Swearing In - Shooting Gallery
  6. Chase - Cop
  7. The High Sign Theme - At the Home of August Nickelnurser
  8. Chase - Caught
  9. The High Sign Theme

One Week

  1. One Week Theme - The Wedding
  2. Reckless Driving
  3. Construction
  4. Oh Well - The Piano
  5. Fight
  6. Oh Well - The Bath Scene
  7. Housewarming Party & Storm
  8. One Week Theme - Aftermath
  9. Here Comes the Train
  10. Oh Well

All compositions by Bill Frisell.