Ornette Coleman (1930–2015)

Bill with Ornette Coleman

June 11, 2015 Letter to John Rogers

Dear John.
I was so sad to hear the news today. This is hard. It is so difficult to find words right now. The brightest, most beautiful, powerful, shining, guiding light has been Ornette Coleman. There is no way I can adequately thank you for taking me to his home and introducing us. Spending time with him and having the chance to play music with him has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Indescribable. I will never forget it. I am truly blessed.
John Roger's website
"John Rogers is a photographer living in New York City who specializes in jazz. A few weeks ago, he approached NPR with the idea to document the unique connection he shared with his friend Ornette Coleman. He was working on it when Coleman died last week at 85. Rogers finished the story for us HERE." —Ed./NPR  published 6/15/15