Before We Were Born

Bill Frisell - electric and acoustic guitars
Arto Lindsay - electric guitar
Peter Scherer - keyboards and drum programming
Hank Roberts - cello, voice
Julius Hemphill - alto saxophone
Billy Drewes - alto saxophone
Doug Wieselman - baritone saxophone
Cyro Baptista - shaker
Kermit Driscoll - electric and acoustic basses
Joey Baron - drums, percussion, electronics

produced by Lee Townsend

tracks 1, 7 & 8 produced by Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsey
recording and mixing engineer: Roger Moutenot
track 6 produced by John Zorn
recording and mixing engineer: Roger Moutenot
tracks 2, 3, 4 & 5 produced by Lee Townsend
recording and mixing engineer: James Farber

Elektra Musician

Out of print, for the MP3 version go to nonesuch.com


Song List:

1. Before We Were Born
Some Song and Dance
2. Freddy's Step
3. Love Motel
4. Pip, Squeak
5. Goodbye
6. Hard Plains Drifter
7. The Lone Ranger
8. Steady, Girl

All Compositions by Bill Frisell. Hard Plains Drifter arranged by John Zorn.


"By following through on the implications of his unfettered sounds, Mr. Frisell has made his best album."
The New York Times