Bonnie Raitt - Slipstream

Grammy winner for the 2012 "Best Americana Album"

Released: 2012

1. Used To Rule the World
2. Right Down the Line
3. Million Miles*
4. You Can't Fail Me Now*
5. Down To You
6. Take My Love With You
7. Not Cause I Wanted To
8. Ain't Gonna Let You Go
9. Marriage Made In Hollywood
10. Split Decision
11. Standing In The Doorway*
12. God Only Knows*

Produced by Bonnie Raitt
Produced by Joe Henry * 
Recorded & Mixed by Ryan Freeland
© ℗ 2012 Redwing Records

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"A loose and adventurous reminder of everything she does well... it's mood music with a razor edge, pain fronting as bliss, delivered by a vet who understands that the blues are often about just that."
-- Rolling Stone