Is That You?

Bill Frisell - guitars, bass,banjo, ukulele, clarinet
Wayne Horvitz - keyboards, drum programming, momentary bass
Joey Baron - drums
Dave Hofstra - tuba (Is That You? Hello Nellie), bass (Chain of Fools)

produced by Wayne Horvitz

recording engineer: Jay Follette
mixing engineer: Roger Moutenot

Elektra Musician 1990

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Song List:

  1. No Man's Land

  2. Someone In My Backyard

  3. Rag

  4. Is That You?

  5. The Way Home

  6. Twenty Years

  7. Chain of Fools

  8. Hello Nellie

  9. The Days of Wine And Roses

  10. Yuba City

  11. Half A Million

  12. Hope And Fear

    All Compositions by Bill Frisell except Chain of Fools and Days of Wine and Roses.


"A very personal vision, tearing down stylistic barriers with delicacy and sudden bursts of emotion."
- Musician