Michael Gibbs & The NDR Big Band - Play A Bill Frisell Set List

A Bill Frisell Set List, performed by The NDR Bigband, arranged and conducted by Michael Gibbs, featuring guest performers Jeff Ballard (drums) and Bill Frisell (guitar). 

Released June 9, 2015

1. Throughout (Bill Frisell) 8:28
soloists: Bill Frisell (guitar), Christof Lauer (tenor sax)  

2. Las Vegas Tango (Gil Evans) 7:12
soloists: Vladyslav Sendecki (piano), Klaus Heidenreich (trombone), Bill Frisell (guitar)  

3. Subconscious Lee (Lee Konitz) 8:27 
soloists: Bill Frisell (guitar), Christof Lauer (tenor sax), Jeff Ballard (drums)

4. On The Lookout/Far Away (Bill Frisell) 7:55 
soloist: Bill Frisell (guitar)

5. Misterioso (Thelonious Monk) 5:21
duet: Bill Frisell (guitar), Jeff Ballard (drums) 

6. Monica Jane (Bill Frisell) 7:06 
soloists: Fiete Felsch (alto sax), Bill Frisell (guitar)

7. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 7:52
soloists: Bill Frisell (guitar), Fiete Felsch (soprano sax)  

8. Benny's Bugle (Benny Goodman/William Basie) 5:17 
soloists: Bill Frisell (guitar), Ingolf Burkhardt (trumpet), Jeff Ballard (drums)

9. Freddy's Step (Bill Frisell) 3:31
soloists: Jeff Ballard (drums); Bill Frisell (guitar); Fiete Felsch, Lutz Büchner, Peter Bolte (alto saxes); Ingolf Burkhardt (trumpet)

Arranged and conducted by Michael Gibbs. 

Jeff Ballard and Bill Frisell appear courtesy of OKeh Records/Sony Music Entertainment. 

Licensed by Studio Hamburg Distribution & Marketing GmbH. 

Recorded October 26, 2013 at the Überjazz Festival, Hamburg, Germany. 

with guests 
Bill Frisell guitar 
Jeff Ballard drums 

Thorsten Benkenstein 
Ingolf Burkhardt 
Felix Meyer 
Michael Leuschner 

Fiete Felsch alto, soprano, flute    
Peter Bolte alto, soprano, flute 
Christof Lauer tenor, soprano 
Lutz Büchner tenor, alto, clarinet    
Thomas Gramatzki baritone, bass clarinet    

Dan Gottshall 
Klaus Heidenreich 
Stefan Lottermann 
Ingo Lahme bass trombone, tuba    

Stephan Diez 

Ingmar Heller 

Vladyslav Sendecki 

Marcio Doctor 

Concert recording by Michael Plötz. 

CD mixed and mastered by Walter Quintus. 

Cover and package design by Amelia Harrington. 

Orange base by Lexi. 

Photographs by Nils Zurawski. 

Thank you: Wulf Müller and Lee Townsend 

Release coordination by Steven Feigenbaum. 

Jeff Ballard plays Vic Firth drumsticks. 

© 2013 Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) 
(p) 2015 Cuneiform Records

“So much came from my association with Mike... He went from being my hero to a friend, and he’s always been my teacher... I’ve always fantasized about doing something with him adapting some of my music.” – Bill Frisell

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