Where In The World?

Bill Frisell - guitar, ukulele

Hank Roberts - cello, jazz-a-phone fiddle

Kermit Driscoll - basses

Joey Baron - drums

produced by Wayne Horvitz

recording and mixing engineer:
Roger Moutenot

Elektra Musician 1991

Out of print, for the MP3 version go to nonesuch.com

Song List:

  1. Unsung Heroes

  2. Rob Roy

  3. Spell

  4. Child At Heart

  5. Beautiful E.

  6. Again

  7. Smilin' Jones

  8. Where In The World?

  9. Worry Doll

  10. Let Me In  

All compositions by Bill Frisell.


"There is nothing standard about "Where in the World?"...Frisell is not only a master of an unusual guitar-based sonic tapestry, he's one of the few composers capable of writing for an interactive ensemble." - The Philadelphia Inquirer