ECM compilation

Bill Frisell - electric and acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizer
Paul Bley - piano
John Surman - soprano saxophone
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet
Arild Anderson - bass
Marc Johnson - bass
Paul Motion - drums
Peter Erskine - drums
Jerome Harris - electric bass
Bob Stewart - tuba

produced by Manfred Eicher

engineers: James Farber, Jan Erik Kongshaug, Martin Wieland

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Song List:

  1. Monica Jane (from Paul Bley Fragments)

  2. The Beach (from In Line)

  3. When We Go (from Rambler)

  4. Throughout (from In Line)

  5. Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair (from Marc Johnson's Bass Desires)

  6. Wizard of Odds (from Rambler)

  7. Conception Vessel (from Paul Motian's It Should've Happened a Long Time Ago)

  8. Etude (from Paul Motian's Psalm)